Alaska 陸路国境アルカンボーダー3Blog in English~best meal,best beer~

Today,I write an article in English!

Because  American people who I met will see my blog.


But my English is poor,I will take a mistake,sorry.


morning,I get a cup of coffee.


women who i met yesterday gave me a cup of coffee

The coffee is very tasty!


After drinking,I go to Canada


I saw the beautiful river and so big bridge.


This is an enemy. I feel  painful.


When I took a rest, Blue dragonfly appeared!


It’s last gas station to Canada. I decided to stay this campsite.


then,I saw many bicycles!

I can’t introduce all bicycles.

A man said me “where are you from?”

I said “I’m from Japan!”

He said “We are family and friends!  Shall we eat dinner!”

They trips to Alaska.They have people who are various age


They served me their meal.



Long time I didn’t eat rice.This is so delicious!!!




And,they gave me two beers.

I’m very very very happy!


after dinner, I felt that I have to show gratitude.


I decided to make cranes for them.



but,I forgot how to make it.



I tried again and again.



Finally,I achieved that.


Next morning,I gave them these cranes,they were glad.



I hope their way will be safety and have a good trip.


and,I went to Alcan border.